How do I collect back child support

by Kimberly Duschel
(Westminster, MD)

I was involved in an abusive marriage for several years. He was both physical and verbally abusive not only to myself but my daughter from a previous marriage and "our" son we had together. I left him shortly after that. He is over $1,500.00 behind in support to myself and he has two other children. We have been to court and he was instructed he had to pay a lump sum to all three of us by the Master of Child Support enforcement for Baltimore County. This never took place and the Master had promised "us" that he would do his best to make sure that he does not get any further behind. All broken promises. Both my children have psychological disabilities and my oldest child from a previous marriage just had a baby. She is grown but still needs assistance.

My son that I share with the father has
ADHD and PDD-NOS (mild form of Autism). I have to work seven days a week and the income I make is still not enough. I work close to seventy hours a week to attempt to make ends meat. My son goes to daycare and I am constantly having to take off work to deal with his emotional issues. My ex is always out traveling or buying himself new things but when it comes to our son he does the minimum in both paying his support or attending to our son's basic needs. The State of Maryland just sits by and allows this to happen. I am missing my son grow up because I am constantly at work. I cannot afford an attorney and I need help. Please does anyone have a heart anymore? Is there no justice left in the State of Maryland?

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