How Do I Cancel A Request For Child Support

by Shannon
(Merriam Woods, Mo)

I must cancel a request for child support. If I don't he'll make my life and daughters a living hell. He threatens to take me to court for joint custody and will hold me to the judgment to a t. If I god forbid mess up he'll have me arrested. He has not seen our daughter in 5 years until recently due to my calling him and putting all the effort out. He has given me $30.00 in five years. But I am scared of him. How do I stop once I started a petition?

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Please Re-think This
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hi Shannon,

You can close a case once it is started but please rethink this. First of all threatening you is criminal and should be dealt with. Second of all, no sane Judge would grant him custody due to his neglectful relationship with your daughter.

You and your daughter deserve child support and no threats should stop this. If you feel your life is in danger you should contact the police. If you decide to keep your child support case active, we recommend that you look into our VIP membership program. Based on what you have stated we feel that you will eventually need legal help regarding your situation and relationship with this gentleman.

Contact us anytime via this post.


Re: How do I cancel
by: Anonymous

Do not cancel that order no matter what. It sounds like you made the right decision on no longer being in your past relationship. You are still allowing your ex to manipulate and control your life if you cancel that request. Do not be afraid of his threats. Take them seriously and report him to the authorities so they can protect you and your child(ren). You have to stay strong for your family and not give in. It is tough but does pay off. Your children deserve support from their father emotionally and financially. He cannot be forced to include his self in their lives but he can be encouraged to financially provide for them or suffer severe consequences.

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