How Do I Apply For Child Support Services

by hbarb1979
(Alexandria VA)

In 2005 I had to leave the father of my son who had a drug problem and I moved to a different state. Before I moved he did give me a total of $60.00. I was at that time able to reach him by phone until it was no longer in service. I then tried his last known address and he was no longer there. I have since gone to my local government office to get help with food stamps and Medicaid. I did at that time asked if they could help me with AFDC or TANF but they said since I am now with another man who is providing for us that I don’t qualify. Which to me seems unfair that they won’t help me and it seems to me that the real father doesn’t have to help pay for his own child. I’m grateful for the man I with, but it is and has been time for the real father to have to help with support for his child. I can't seem to find him anywhere and His Family members say they don’t know where he is so I have been stuck now for 4 years and I need some help. Please anyone help!

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Are you re-married
by: Child Support America Team Member

We need to know if you are re-married, and if you applied for child support in the state that you moved away from. You can respond via this post.


Answer to question asked
by: Anonymous

not married and nerver have been Im just with someone else now we are planing to get married sometime next year!and no I never have tried to file for support when i left I went to my mothers house which is why I never filed in that state.

What You Can Do
by: Child Support America Team Member

Try going down to your local child support enforcement office, and see if they have a "Parent Location Service". Some CSEA offices provide this service free of charge. They may be able to help you find your ex once you open up a case.


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