How can we get Child Support Agency to enforce payments

by Linda

My daughter was ordered to pay child support Nov,2009. She has not made one payment. The father of my grandson has custody and every time he calls to find out about the support, they give him the runaround. This last time, he called, they told him that they received a letter from her saying that she cannot pay at this time and would not give him a reason why. There is no reason why she can't pay support for her son. She is just lazy and refuses to get a job. This has upset me very much because it takes two parents to raise a child.

Yet, they go after my husband who just found out he has a 16 yr.old son and they wasted no time into making him pay. When he had his heart attack and couldn't pay, they didn't wait to send him a letter saying his license will be suspended, he drives truck for a living, and after trying to get back on his feet, they did just that.

I think the Agency decides who they want to go after. How do we get them to make my daughter pay? She is in Georgia and I guess she got married.

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