How Can Non Custodial Parent Claim Child On Taxes

by Greg
(Cincinnati, Ohio)

I am a non-custodial parent of a 6yr old girl. There is no court ordered child support because we have no tension between us. I have been in my child's life since day one and have her on my health insurance from work. My daughter has never had to accept medical help from the state. Her mother also works as well. I also see my daughter regularly and spend ample time with her. Since the beginning her mother has been claiming her on her taxes and I wanted to know how can I be able to claim my daughter on my taxes at least every other year since I contribute substantially to my daughter's well-being throughout the year as well?

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What You Can Do
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hi Greg,

We are glad to see you are taking care of your parental responsibilities as a man. You have every right to claim your child every other year, BUT it must be court ordered!

Long story short, you must file a motion with the court system and get it court ordered. It's better this way, so there are no games down the line. You will have no legal rights to claim your child until you accomplish this.

Is your child in the same state that you reside, and do you have a court ordered visitation schedule? You can respond via this post.


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