How can I terminate my Texas child support case with the father?

by D.R.M
(Dallas, TX)

I live in Dallas, Texas, and last summer, I filed for child support without telling or warning the father of my two young boys. I thought it would be good to get financial help from him since he isn't around for my sons physically. The child support order takes money out of his checks and allows him to take the children on certain days, but he made it clear long ago that he would no longer be involved in our lives.

We haven't spoken in months. My life is now moving on, and so is his. How could I terminate or close the case? I know longer wish to recieve any payments from the father of my children. The money I recieve isn't worth being reminded of the past as I am moving on.

It has been mutually agreed that we would like to cut off all ties from eachother. Is there a paper or anything I could sign at the Attorney General's office to close this case? Will a lawyer be able to help terminate my case?Insurance wise, my children were on medicaid, I was told by a child support worker to apply. But I have never had to use the medicaid. Anything health related is funded by charity that I recieve through Baylor.

I was told by workers that my case couldn't to closed if I use medicaid, and also something about my case can only be put on hold. It was confusing trying to understand her reply, and she wasn't very willing to help me comprehendget. So I let the medicaid insurance expire since I never used it and the father would stop reimbursing the state by getting money out of his checks for something I didn't use.

If my children's insurance situation prevents me from closing my case, could I still close it if I put them back on medicaid? Or will I need different insurance for my kids before potentially closing the case?

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who wants it closed?

Sounds like the father is pretty much demanding you close the case by the way your asking those questions..

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