How can I sign my rights over to be free of child support

by Jesse
(Cleveland, Ohio)

I have tried establishing visitation for my son and she never shows and they give her continuences. She has married but also just lost her job and house. She does not want me in his life. I am a felone who cant find a job and am denied a motification. Also no license because not being able to find a job. Knowone hires felones anymore. I also have a daughter who im not allowed to see because of a TPO but on me by her mother. However her mother does not have any of her children, thier with the grand mother. The grand mothers husband is a magistrate in my county and got the TPO renewed after the first 5 years was up without me being there or getting any letter.

I am i dept almost 20,000 to child support. I made mistakes i understand that but i cant do this no more couty offices look at me like a dead beat and therefore can never get any help from them always the run around. I am not wanted in my childrens lives so im done this hole is just getting deeper and i cant find a way out. Can i sign my rights over and be free of child support? I havent seen either of my children in almost 2 years. What can I do?

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