How Can I Recover Intercepted Tax Return For Arrears

by Rick

In October of 2006 my daughters mother agreed that all arrears at that time be forgiven because in January 2006 she said if I gave her my '92 Chev S10 Blazer(blue booked $1800)that she would have it deducted from arrears & because my daughter and her mother had either been living with me and supported by me or otherwise lived with My mother during the time so called arrears had raked up. So my daughters mother and I set an appointment on 10-06-2006 to have all arrears forgiven. So went to our Child Support worker on 10-06-2006 where all documents had already been prepared all we needed to do was sign, which we did even though CS worker tried to talk ex out of doing so and I quote "once you sign you can never get that money back, its gone".

At that time my daughter had been living with me at my mothers because of her mothers current housing situation or shall I say lack of a home. So of course me and my mother had invited her to stay with us for time being which was reason for forgiving arrears. November I moved out of my mothers leaving my daughter at my moms because of schooling and because her mother was living at mothers as well. In December 2006 more than 2 months had gone by since forgiving arrears, my mom had had enough of my daughters mother, after being gone for days she showed up at my mothers late at night, 15 minutes later the police were at the door to arrest her. So my mother told her that she could no longer live there. After getting out of jail, her and I were no longer on talking terms. December 19, 2006 she went into Child Support Office and told them she no longer wanted to forgive arrears. So our worker than contacted me saying that quote "the forms you had signed were the wrong ones, so I'm mailing the correct ones but seeing you and her aren't talking Good Luck getting her to sign them". So boom like flipping a light switch all arrears were back on my account plus the child support for the 2 months that had went by.

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Child Support Questions
by: Child Support America Team Member

Thanks for sharing Rick!

It is so important that when you are in the situation of getting forgiveness of arrears that every document is on point. We sympathize with your situation. It is also very important that you get documents notarized when you are dealing with giving a vehicle, in exchange for back support. It's tough, because anything not going through the system is considered a gift.

Csa Staff

she had already forgave arrears
by: Anonymous

What about the fact that she had already signed and forgave the arrears at a child support meeting with me, her & her worker! I was able to recover a copy of the her letter saying she no longer wants to pursue the arrears but was not able to get a copy of the court order copy because our case worker denied that there ever was one!

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