How Can I Obtain The Child Support Arrearage Owed

(bidwell ohio)

My baby's father owes over $5,000 in back child support arrearages. How can i go about getting this money?

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Back Child Support
by: Child Support America Team Member

You will have to contact your case worker consistently on this issue to get the ball rolling. Have you received a tax offset from the IRS yet?


good luck w that
by: Anonymous

m child's father owes over 21,000 in state of Ohio yes 21,ooo not 2000.. He always files mistake of fact finding hearings and never proves anything they still send papers saying it is so ordered.. WHEN.. Its been years and he has paid about 600 dollars when he spends that on tatoos a month.. He never financially helps not even 10 bucks for a year book are you kidding who do I get to sue the enforcement agentcy for not even suspending drivers license or taking any legal action but im suppose to waste mt time going in and out of court when he files to cry about it. They should just make it 1 cent a month and it would help more than what is happening now!! And he wouldnt cry about paying it...

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