How can I get legal help

by Samantha

I was in the military 10 years ago and engaged to another military member. I was sent overseas but found out I was pregnant and sent back. The father turned his back on me and told me to find someone to raise the twins as he did not want them. Our commander ordered us to attend parenting classes and was aware of my pregnancy. The father broke up with me. I stayed in until right before the twins were due. I went home and had the twins and filed for child support on the father. He was overseas at that time and the military refused to have him served. He moved around so much and I kept loosing him. I finally found him and we have a support order in place. Mt problem is: He is in Colorado and is financially in great shape. I am in Texas supporting 3 children on my own with no assistance. The fater has agreed to the current order but wants to take me to court over the 9 years of back pay, stating he didn't know about the twins. I am trying to find records but 9 years is a long time. I cannot afford a lawyer and I cannot seem to locate ANYONE who can help me. What can I do?

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back support
by: Anonymous

He can say the things he wants to but as long as you know what you did to try to get a hold of him. Also if the DNA test shows he is the father he will be ordered to pay back child support and on-going child support for you twins.

Advice for experience
by: Anonymous

The first thing is not to panic when he take himself to court let he do wherever he wants by this point don't matter what he do. But yes matter what you do first thing educated yourself the better way is to go the Texas attorney general is free service especially when you don't need to spend money in private lawyer.

Save your money believe me you gonna need this money the child support takes long time to collect and if your kids been affect for all father actitud you may need money for sicology or try to use the school counselor but be specific with not to ask direct question to your kids only to monitor them in class and if they show up distraction or frustration them act.

Always have in mind your relation with this man is over what you looking for is to fight for the rights of your kids and there nothing gonna change if he don't want anything to do when you was pregnant what he will do at this time let your feeling as a woman behind and stand up for the kids right to get the child support and medical insurance. Go public library and check up for book educate yourself as most possible search on internet don't waste money .

I been been thru all this already i m talking for experience. one lawyer charge me 200 for hour I went to get advice cause the ex partner was behind child support and advice i got for this lawyer was insulting me i stay less than 15 minutes.

I cant handled the horrible way when I ask him 2 single question he turn angry I yes ask if there a way for the judge of court house give a man who don't care for his daughter right of visitation I was really afraid of this happen that why I walk to lawyer office and he took 200 for less than 15 minutes I walk away so confuse with tear for the stupid answer this lawyer give me.

Go to the attorney general office they will serve you and pray God to help you go thru with calm and serenity for the well of your kids and you.

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