How Can I Get Forgivness On Back Child Support

by charity pine

I gave guardianship of my oldest boys to my father and gave guardianship of the two youngest to my brother because i wasn't able to care for them at the time. they are getting cash assistance from the state which has built up over the last 6 yrs. they both want to forgive the debt being that i am very active in their lives. i am just unable to pay the support due to my circumstances. what can we do to take care of this in the state of MO.

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Forgiveness of Arrears
by: Child Support America Team Member

Dear Charity,

You cannot get forgiveness from government assistance. You owe the back support to the government and that cannot be forgiven. have you tried to set up some type of payment arrangements?


no payments missed but need papers to tell court
by: Anonymous

i have never missed a payment! i just need paperwork to give to court. Mom and i are fine i been giving her cash weekly. She wants to tell the court this so i am not punished ,... what can i do?

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