How can I get child support

by Wilson
(WIldwood New Jersey)

I live in NJ. I have 4 kids and my kids father gets SSI and SSD and I can't get any support. He has 3 horses and 6 dogs and he refuses to pay. He works jobs under the table making thousands of dollars. But whenever i file for child support he tells the court he can't pay. He tells the court he gets permanent disability. He claims he has bad pain in his back and he does heavy work in construction, doing decks, concrete, he shoveled snow during our last storm here. And he tells the judge he can't work and he can. He rides and flips off of horses. But what i don't understand why is ok for me to do all the work while he gets away free. Why should the state have to help me when the baby help to make these children and this is his responsibility not the governments. But the government protects him and doesn't require him to help and support his kids...I need HELP.....

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Child Support
by: Anonymous

If he gets Disability for being 100% disabled he will not have to pay it. In most states they are hardly will to help collect from them, because they are recieving benefits from the government. You can keep trying and see what you can do to prove that he works side jobs and under the table.

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