How can I get child support reduced?

by paula
(North Dakota)

I feel that the system is bleeding me dry. I am unable to survive on the amount of money the system leaves me a month after they take out $600 a month out of one check from one job and over $100 from every check from another job.

I have a baby that I need to support but unable to do so because the little bit of money that I have left doesn't even cover utilities or any bills I have incurred. My ex-husband makes considerably more than I do and drives brand new vehicles and owns many toys. I drive a vehicle that is 15 years old and on it's last leg.

I feel the system should look at what both parties make and then figure out child support. I need to go on assistance because I cannot survive. I will have to file bankruptcy before my son turns 19. I should not have to incur all the cost of my sons living especially when he is living with my ex. It does not cost this amount of money to raise 1 child.

I brought up 3 kids on less than $400 a month. My ex said this was plenty of money to raise them. And back then I had medical insurance taken out of my check. Now that I work for the state, my medical insurance is paid for. How can I get this amount lowered.

I do not work as much as I was before. My baby is 6 months old and needs me to spend time with him. He also relies on me for nourishment because I chose to save a little money and not buy formula. I am cutting as many corners as possible to not go on assistance but it just is not working out well.

So North Dakota is taking money from assistance and putting it into child support and sending it to someone who can afford a 2010 mustang, new dually ford pickup, live-in horse trailer, 3 semis and 4+ cattle trailers, snowmobiles, 4-wheelers, bobcat, farm tractor, and many many more things.

Is this fair? I moved 60 miles away from my job so my mother could take care of my son, free daycare, and am living in their old home rent free. I have no car payment. I have student loans that i deferred because I could not afford to pay them now. I payout $500 in gas every month to get to my jobs.

I don't work overtime like I did before my little one was born. Now I am paying dearly for all the overtime I worked. I cannot get anyone to understand that I don't make the same amount of money as I did before my baby was born. They tell me that is my decision and that is the way it is. I need some serious advice on this issue.

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