How Can I Get Child Support Amount Corrected

by Matthew Forest
(Joplin, MO Jasper County)

The child support order is based on a job that I had only for the first month. I did not receive the letter from the child support office office informing went to my father and he signed for it. I did not get it for some time after that. The support amount is based on income that I have never came close to making at any since it was ordered in 2007. I was never married to the mother but am on the birth certificate.

I have discussed this with Child Support Enforcement and they don't care. I have not even been able to work since August of 2009 due to a motorcycle accident that shattered my right foot and broken right leg. I am just beginning to be able to walk. I am desperate for help. I am more than willing to pay an amount that is based on income that I might actually make but it is based on a job I had with a much higher wage. I am not sure where to turn and your organization was referred to me as someone who might be able to help me. Also, the mother was living with me during part of the time that she has claimed support for...she did not work at that time and I supported not only my daughter but her.
Please let me know if there is anything I can do to get the back child support fixed and an accurate amount going forward. As I said I have not been able to work since August and have no money for an attorney to fight this.

Thank you,

Matthew Forest

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Request A Modification Through Your CSEA
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hello Matthew,

Thanks for your post and we hope you make a full recovery from your motorcycle accident. From what we read, child support has not done anything wrong for you to fight.

You need to request a modification when you are eligible. If your case was opened in 2007, you probably won't be eligible until sometime in 2010. Most states have a three year policy before the NCP can request to modify an order. Check out your state page on our state laws button for laws in your state on this issue.

Also if you feel that you were unfairly treated check out our VIP memberships page on your left. We provide a program to help people with child support issues. We also offer a low cost legal plan as well. Details are also on that page.

Take care and contact us anytime via this post.


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