How Can A Child Cancel Child Support

by Hannah

My father owes my mother back child support. Both of their children are well over 18. I am 26 and my brother is 25. My father no longer has a job and there is a lien against his home for these child support payments as well as the land tracts intended to be ours. How can we cancel the back child support owed if our mother wishes not to?

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Dear Hannah,

Actually you can't. Until the age of 18 it was your owed the support for you and your brother. If she is unwilling to waive then he still owes the back support. I am sorry


I cannot believe this...
by: Anonymous

Your mom raised you while your father was delinquent in child support payments? You now feel sorry for HIM because he has run upon hard times. What about your mom? She is owed that money..plain and simple. If he had lived up to HIS responsibilites while you were a child, he wouldn't be having these problems. Your poor mother...where did she go wrong with you?

Don't Know
by: Anonymous

You don't even know the details of the situation. If the daughter cares well he must have been a good father so be quiet.

No you be quiet
by: Anonymous

It IS ashamed that mothers sacrifice body,mind and spirit to raise these children through blood sweat n tears without the support of these unavailable daddies until after the children get grown to have our kids feel sorry for these no good people..Oh cry me a river!

get the facts
by: Anonymous

Have you ever paid child support? Do you believe that the amounts charged by the court are fair, or even legal? Do you really believe that ex-wives only ask for money from the fathers because they desperately need it? Do you really believe that EVERY SINGLE non-custodial dad simply flung his kids at the mom and refused to help raise them?

How many dads out there fought bitter custody battles with the mom out of love for their kids and lost? What if the dad were miraculously awarded custody in the divorce (almost never happens) and HE spent blood, sweat and tears raising them, refused to work, and demanded that the mother break her back supporting herself and another household? Remove the rainbow glasses and try looking at the real world.

i'm curious also
by: Anonymous

My dad owes back child support too. He was never around when i was a kid cause of some things in life. I am now eighteen and i live with my dad. He is trying to get me set up for the rest of my life, get me a place to live and everything. I get what everyone is saying about how the parent who doesnt have custody should pay child support, but honestly, to me i did just fine without it and so did my mom. The thing that affects me the most is that if the irs comes after my dad for back child support then its bye bye to my future.

the system is broken
by: Anonymous

The system is in serious need of an overhaul. Just for the ppl hating and stereotyping all fathers....a bad bad dad can have 10 kids and only need to pay 60% divided across all 10 kids. An honest man can make on avg 2000-3000 a month and pay up to 60% across his two kids. The money is taken after taxes so the true percent is like 70% of your pay check. Talk about forcing people to become resentful! God forbid you work overtime or get another job, they will take from that extra income. Botton line.... The man becomes an indentured servant with little recourse than to illegally disregard reporting side income, or resort to more illegal activities. You can even end up in Jail if you get laid off. The system is not made to be fair. Its made to destroy families, period. I know this cause I live it.

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