How Are Court Ordered Joint Custody Agreements Enforced

I am the non-custodial father of 2 children. Per the dissolution of marriage, I have joint custody rights. If the custodial parent(my ex-wife) insists on ignoring my equal say in the decisions regarding my children, what can I do? Also, does this include leaving the state on holidays without acknowledging me? I know that I can file a motion but how effective is that usually and what type of action does the court usually take to address the problem?

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We have a question to ask
by: Child Support America Team Member

Before we can give you an answer to your post, we have a question regarding your situation. Are the decisions that your ex is ignoring detrimental to the physical or emotional well being to the kids?


by: Anonymous

In regards to my ex moving them farther away from me, yes. That would seriously effect their emotional well being. They have been moved into bad neighborhoods known for their violence. A friend of the family offered to pay for my oldest daughter to go to a private school that had extended an invitation because of her good grades and my ex refused because she didn't want the other children to be left out(or so she says). She buys the cheapest, poorest quality clothing year-round, despite having the means to do much better. She constantly swears at them because they disturb her sleep to ask questions. I believe, all of these things constitute an affectation of their emotional well being. The only time I am contacted for input is when it involves legitimate disciplinary issues. My children contact me regularly with complaints about her that can only be described as either manipulative or neglectfully irresponsible on her part. Yet the church members of her church and the single mothers organization in her area think that she is a candidate for "Mother of the Year" because she has mastered the art of "playing the victim".

What You Can Do
by: Child Support America Team Member

To answer your original question. Even though you have joint custody we are assuming that your ex is still the residential parent in your joint custody agreement.

Yes you can file a motion for residential joint custody or full custody, but as you know it is an up hill climb. But if you can provide a more stable environment for your children it may be best for you to attempt full custody.

Also, it should be outlined in your divorce paperwork if your ex can take the kids out of state without informing you first. Our other question to you would be how much time do you have the kids versus your ex?


In Response
by: Anonymous

Every weekend, alternating holidays, and the summer break.

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