How Am I At Fault For A Mistake

(Greensboro, NC)

I am a hard-working father of a four-year old girl. She was born in 2006, & I have consistently, through court-ordered child support via payroll deduction, paid my child support on time. Then, April of 2010 rolls around & it just so happens that I get paid 3 times during that month.

My child support deductions came out as scheduled within the first two pay checks of that month, but the very last paycheck of the month, no child support came out. I didn't think much of it; I thought it was a mishap that would be fixed by the next pay period. So, the next pay period rolls around (May 13,2010) & again, no child support was deducted. This time, I called my payroll department, only to find out that my child support was....dropped/canceled? The associate I spoke with in payroll faxed me a copy of the termination form to confirm the information & I couldnt believe it. The only person with the power to terminate the order is the custodial parent of my daughter, her biological mom.

My issue is this: after what the NC Child Support Enforcement Agency calls a "computer error", I now owe arrears bc they say although no child support was deducted out of my payroll, I was aware that I owed monthly & should have brought the $ down to the agency myself. What I don't understand is this: if it was a "computer error", which I don't believe for the simple fact that a matter of such importance would most certainly have to be keyed into the computer then faxed to my payroll department, as it was; why wasn't my payroll department notified immediately that the information they received was incorrect & to immediately reinstate the order?

That was never done, & mysteriously, bc of this "computer error" I am at fault, & have been subjected to harrassment from the mother herself in the form of laughter & mockery, & threats toward my well-being that if I didn't pay asap that I would be subjected to lengthy jail time. Please review this information, as I have told everything honestly & to my best ability, only to withhold personal info such as the names of myself & my daughter to prevent static within the case itself. Please assist me or at least fill me in as to what I can do, as I am very worried about the rapid outcome of this situation. THanks,anonymous

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by: Kacey Wood

I would first say if you did not keep the order your payroll dept recieved from the agency terminating payments then obtain it from them now. Also if you have that showing it was on their end you are most likely okay. However I would try to figure out a payment plan on paper configuring the arrears amount and how you will try and resolve it. If you can show the judge the papers from your payroll dept from the agency plus a payment plan you are doing then they are pretty fair. Your situation is alot different than many you pay your support and it is not like you stopped paying on your own it was on the other end and it was their mishap. Still you want to have a payment plan showing how you plan to resolve the arrears. Hang in there everything will work out your ex should be thankful you are one of those guys that do pay and more understanding it was not your mess up. Good Luck

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