His New Wife Is A Money Grubbing Monnster

by Heidi Pflughoeft
(Eau Claire, WI USA)

This slut picked him up while on vacation in Mexico. Her youngest couldn't have been more than six months old at the time. And all she seems to care about is money and status - basically herself.

When my ex and I split up, we'd forged an amicable relationship. We both acknowledged and shared our responsibilities for our daughter, financial and otherwise.

There were no unaddressed issues. Then this whore comes along and all of a sudden, drop-offs and pick-ups were late. Weekends had to be switched constantly for their convenience. I got less and less time with my daughter. I tried to resolve it civilly...first with conversation - then with mediation.

We (my ex and I) came up with a couple pretty good plans. But lo and behold, he wouldn't sign the agreements. Then he started going after me in court for child support.

It was RIDICULOUS! I was supposed to have my daughter half the time. And at the time, I telecommuted (worked from home) for UHC. I had the best insurance available. I owned my home...and had insurance on everything. It was ideal - or so I thought.

Here's the kicker. One night I went out with my boyfriend at the time. We had dinner with a couple friends, split a pitcher of beer and drove home. There's quite a bit more to the story - but I won't bore you with the details. Suffice it to say, I was not anywhere close to drunk/impaired...BUT I was sexually assaulted, tased, pepper-sprayed/maced and otherwise generally brutalized by these cops.

Looking back now, it almost seems like it could have been a set-up by my ex's family. They have very deep roots in the area community. Or it could have been orchestrated by the whore...I don't know. Either way, I got screwed...and I continue to get screwed.

After losing my job and my house, I haven't been able to find another real job. But child support keeps getting calculated at the same rate it was when I worked at UHC, thanks to the family court commissioner who very blatantly stated during my hearings how it was all my fault and it's no excuse for me not being able to pay.

I also wrote a very detailed explanation to the child support worker and my ex asking that they PLEASE take into consideration the extenuating circumstances. They've never answered me.

It's going on three years now that I haven't seen my daughter - due to the fact that there's now a warrant out for my arrest for non-payment of child support. I call her every week - but it's not enough for me to really feel like I'm her mother anymore.

I send her clothing and money and gifts whenever I can - but now the whore is telling my son (my daughter's only real sibling) that she "will not allow these games to continue". She refused the last package. I had to have my son drop it off at my attorney's office to be delivered to her.

I'm about ready to give up. What's the point of having parental rights if you don't actually have any rights...? I guess the same could be said for being an American citizen...

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