He's Not Paying Child Support

by Debbi
(Gibbstown, NJ)

On December 2,2010 a judgment was ordered against my ex fiance' to pay $800 a month for out 3 children as part of the final restraining order. This man has abused me, our son, and our middle daughter for the past 16 plus years physically, emotionally, and verbally. My youngest child who is 11 has only experienced the verbal and emotional abuse because she was never struck though she has witnessed it. The money is suppossed to help me pay the mortgage on the house. Well as of January 11th, 2011 I have received nothing. I have been in contact with my child support case manager for the past 3 weeks and he states he is trying to contact him. The ex works just about everyday 12 hours a day at a job right in the county and they have not been able to contact him. Yeah they ae working hard.(Sarcasm)

Anyway I am now 2 months behind on the mortgage, I am struggling to keep meals on the table for the 3 kids and myself and I may have cancer now. DO YOU THINKS ANYONE CARES ABOUT THE VICTIMS HERE? Not only am I getting nothing from the ex but I applied for assistance through he county welfare agency and I haven't gotten anything from them either.

I would like to request an emergency hearing for my case to be heard in front of the judge who ordered the support. The ex even lied about how much he makes. He told the judge he only works 36 hours a week at $16 an hour. He works 36 hours one week and the next he workS 48 and he makes $18 dollars plus an hour. The ex now has his own apartment; so obviously he can afford to pay his support but for some reason he is not being made. What can I do to help my situation? Please help me.

Debbi C.

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by: Anonymous

Request throught the courts or the child support best through the courts. That you can have another child support hearing or modification of child support. Request that he takes in his check stubs. They are supposed to take their check stubs dont see why they didnt make him provide that documentation. If they review his check stubs they will go off how much he is making to your income. If you get assistance the child support has no choice, but to help you out. Anyone on state benefits that get medicaid, or more than just food stamps like cash assistance they are to collect that money for your kids. I hope this helps you out. File in the courts for a child support modification.

RE: He's Not Paying Child Support
by: Anonymous

Thanks fou your comment. I appreciate your feedback.

child support
by: laura

My. Ex have not pay child support. For. He son he is 5 month what can I do I. Need. Help. Please.

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