Help With Child Support Modification Process

by Victoria Sanchez
(Las Vegas, NV)

My husband pays child support for 4 of his kids...three are in one case and 1 is in another.....his wages are garnished and he has been paying all along...the problem he is having is his eldest daughter graduated in May of this year....his divorce decree states he does not have to pay anymore for her...he is still paying for her.....every caseworker he has had tells him different information......they never return messages.....

What he wants to do is a modification of his case with his 3 kids and they keep giving him the run around.....he does not care that he is paying child support for his kids....but we believe he is paying to much a month. His other concern is the back pay he owes.....every case worker he speaks with tells him different......we have been trying to fix his case for over a year now and seem to get no where with the case workers.

He is one of the few fathers that pay his child support for his kids and doesn't mind doing it.....all he wants to do is fix a few things but cant seem to do.

My husband is from Las Cruces but has moved to Nevada, we have lived in Las Vegas for the past 6 years.

Should we get an attorney? Should we listen to the caseworkers that seem to NOT know what is going on? What do we have to do?

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Child Support Questions
by: CSA Staff

Hello Victoria,

YES you should hire an attorney. It is sad but true, when an attorney gets involved then all of the sudden you will get the correct answers. An attorney can call the caseworker on his behalf as well. It may be better for an attorney to take the modification case before the judge. Again you will receive faster and better results. Have you ever requested the records of payments through child support? Your husband is entitled to have the print outs of all payments and monies owed. If you do go with an attorney they will definitely request for these records. This way you can see what his arrears are and what payments have been recorded.


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