He Lied To Domestic Relations About Income

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My ex lied to Domestic Relations about his employment status when child support was filed. He told them he was recently fired from his job and when a follow-up call was made, he advised he still had not yet obtained employment. He was never fired and has been working at the same job for the past 3 years.

He did not supply them with his W2's from last year or any pay stubs. I have now reported this information to Domestic Relations and have requested a hearing. I live in Pennsylvania. What are the repercussions of his actions?

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Lied About Income "VIP MEMBER".......
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hello Kim,

It appears that your ex-husband cannot get away with lying especially if you know where his place of employment is.

If you indeed know where he works, the first thing you should do is provide that information and address to your child support case worker if you have one.

Once there is a child support order in place his employer MUST deduct the court ordered child support amount from his paycheck.

Once that happens we recommend that you provide that information to the judge, so that it proves that he is employed and that he did lie about his employment status.

The judge will more than likely adjust the order according to what he earns, and might rule on some punishment for lying.

At this point, the key is getting the company name and address of his employer and providing that information to your child support case manager.


by: Anonymous

What do u do 4 a living Kim?

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