He Is Finding Child Support Loop Holes And Winning

by Tracy Perry

My ex was ordered to pay (current) support of 255.00/mth. He is in arrears 23,000.00

+ as of this date. He receives a disability through the VA, works under the table and nothing can be done. He has decided he will now pay 130.00/mth and plans to stop entirely in Dec. when our son turns 18. My new caseworker is more sympathetic to my ex and is no help to me at all. My ex already went to prison for 11 months for criminal non-support. We cannot attach his disability. What am I to do to have him pay the full amount and pay til the arrears are satisfied? He receives over 2,500.00 month, over 1,000.00 more than I do per month.

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Child Support Questions
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hello Tracy,

Unfortunately you cannot garnish disability. But the arrears are still in place. One option is to contact your caseworker and see if there could be a lien placed on his bank accounts. You may need to keep bugging her about this. Also is his driving license suspended yet?

Csa Staff

Daddys Are Parents too
by: Anonymous

You need to realize that you and the father are both parents and you made him have to live like that. I am a father of two. I pay child support for my oldest. I had 47% custody and have to pay almost 500 a month. They just took almost all of my custody away. As a father I cant tell you how hard it is to love a child and have no rights to them and to have someone use that against you. But the real problem is your kid is and has ben seeing all of this. So straightin up mommy. 18 years.... I think its time to be nice!

by: Anonymous

i am currently on disability in new jersey and was told that child support is allowed to garnish disability , just not ssi

by: Anonymous

my mom had her disability garnished AFTER she gave my siblings to their father as part of an understanding that she was not mentally capable. I'm taking law classes now to get her out of it, cause the father steals from them, so he'll get it over my dead body... but hopefully his toothless self will just die soon...

by: Anonymous

It is easy. Get a job golddigger.

Whats this world comming to?
by: Anonymous

This is a womans world now and it makes me sick! Every woman is a gold digger these days. Trapping men financially so they dont have to work as hard. Get a damn grip of your humanity and be a lady. And they wonder why we call them names!

Smart Dad
by: Anonymous

Glad to see a dad getting a break.The mothers are getting all the freebies and too sorry to work.I don't blame these dads for running. They don't have a chance in hell to have a life.The law don't give a damn about the dads, all they want is to be re-elected and keep the easy job paid by all tax payers. Oh wait, these moms don't work so they don't pay taxes,So who's paying your salary now?Good luck to all the dads paying support. This might be something that we can protest on the streets

child support is double jeopardy
by: Anonymous

I work I pay taxes so that makes me a tax payer and my tax dollars are going towards government programs such as housing food stamps and what ever else a woman can get so in reality every working man is really paying twice and for government programs.that's not cool then they suspended your driver's license for non payment what does driving has to do with child support.we as men need to contest some if not all of this bull$%# that's going on with the system

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