He is $7,000 dollars behind in child support

by Elizabeth
(West Milton, Ohio, USA)

My daughters father has never really been a part of her life. I filed for child support when she was 6 months old. (no paternity test was taken, he signed her birth certificate, and we both know she is his.)

He was ordered to pay $233.77 a month. the first year he made partial payments every month. That stopped when she was almost 2 years old. Then the state took his income tax return and that caught him most of the way up. After that we did not see any money from him or him at all for over 2 years. My daughter is now 5 and doesnt know who her dad is and he is over $7,000 dollars behind. I have called The child support office in my county numerous times and asked that the court order be enforced.

I have been told that I have to provide them with where he is working and/or living. Recently he did contact me with hopes of seeing his daughter, and I was going to let him until he broke a promise he made to her about seeing her (totally broke her heart). He had a job at wendy's and I gave that information to the child support office and I recieved a payment of $100.00 shortly after that.

He has since quit his job and started working for his uncle(I assume) getting paid under the table. I have found his address and turned that over to the child support agency too. How am I, a single mom working full time, supposed to play detective too. All that the child support office has done is take the information I have given them and made him pay $100.

I am tired, I am struggling, I am overwhelmed, I am sad, and I am mad, very mad! I work 40+ hours a week and I am broke. I have 2 dollars in my wallet and I dont get paid until friday, today is wednesday. I will make it work though, its what I do, I am mom. I keep trying and I do it for a hug and a smile from one amazing little girl.

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