Havent Recieved Tax Refund This Year Yet

by Alisha

for the past 11 years I have received his tax refund. He has been on unemployment for about a year and a half now and I only receive $100.00 a mo from it. I was expecting to get his refund this year but I still haven't received it. How do I find out if I will get one or if he even filed? I assume he filed since he was on unemployment. I've called the state phone number for an answer but the recording always says to call back and hangs up. I sent an email over a week ago and no response yet! There has to be someone out there that can help me!

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Child Support Questions
by: Child Support America Staff

Hi Alisha,

You can contact the IRS but they may only give you limited information for privacy purposes. Have you contacted your caseworker and asked if the taxes were offset?


by: Alisha

Thank you. No I cant get threw on the phone to our local office, I sent her an email,but no response. I will try again. Thanks again for your time.

You have to pay taxes on unemployment..
by: Anonymous

if he was drawing unemployment he may not get a refund. my husband draws unemployment 6 months out the year and we have to pay the irs because you have to pay taxes on unemployment and if they dont take it out of the check, it doesnt get paid and you have to pay it back at tax time.He may owe back taxes on that and they will get their money before you get it.

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