Guilty of contempt 10k for reducing monthly payment

by Pye
(Winnfield La)

Divorce set amount for two children together...I cut payment in half when oldest child turned 18 & got married...after accepting 1 yr of reduced ex wanted me to sign adoption of minor child to her and her new husband or threaten she would file contempt for arrearaged which I didn't owe..contacted my att. who said don't worry...nevered missed making cs payments for minor child...after ex accepted 2 yr of reduced payments and again requested my agreement to adoption in exchange for "past due child support" responsed i would never agree to adoption.

Immediately rec'd suponea... My attorney screwed me!!! was never told i need court order modification to reduce support...My att.NEVER OFFERED ANY DEFENSE NOR explaination to court being past due $ for oldest child after turned 18 married had baby... Attorney error. Attorney aware of suit as leverage to have me sign away my rights to minor child...No details, explaination, statement of never missed a payment for minor or any kind of defense/justication given to court. modified current obligation $100 more plus $200. month for arrearages of 10K...Help!!!

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by: Anonymous

First think I would do is turn the lawyer into the State Bar Association, and sue the lawyer for the money you owe.

It doesn't work that way
by: Anonymous

You can't just "cut the payment in half" because you thought it was right. Child support is issued by a judge and can only be changed by a judge. NOTHING will make arrears go away except payment. Your lawyer didn't do anything wrong, YOU did. Child support is based on incomes AND number of children, not just the number of children. Your new income amount (and it would have to be modified in court by a judge) would not be exactly half of what you were paying.

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