Grandsons Father Not Paying Child Support

by Linda
(Massillon, Ohio)

The father of my 4 year old grandson has not received child support from my daughter. He has custody and the child support was to start November 2009. He has not received a dime. He calls his caseworker and they seem to be giving him the runaround. My daughter did receive a letter that her license was suspended in Ohio, she now lives in Georgia. Seems that if a woman has to pay support they don't do anything about it.

My husband found out a year ago he has a 16 year old son and they didn't waste any time making him pay.
If you are going to pursue a man to pay, you should also pursue a woman.
What can we do to have the Child Support Agency pursue this matter?
When she comes up and wants to see her son, doesn't the father have the right to tell her "no", till the support starts coming in?L

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Child Support
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hi Linda,

Thanks for your question. The fact is child support and visitation are two different issues. You cannot legally withhold visitation because of non payment of support. Who has the court ordered parental rights to the child?


Grandsons father not paying child support.
by: Anonymous

The father has custody. I think that it is both parents responsibility to help raise him. The mother isn't even trying to help support him.

grandsons father not paying support
by: Linda

Been over a year and support bureau will not do anything to force my daughter to pay. This is not right.

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