Giving up parental rights

by myhayn
(anchorage, alaska)

I have a friend who pays child support to her ex-husband. She works 2 jobs just to keep up with the child support payments. Her ex-husband is now talking her into giving up her parental rights so that she doesnt have to pay child support anymore. Is this even true? Or will that even make a difference? The worst part about it all is that hes using the child support money to take care of his new wife & her kids, while his kids live with his parents. He picks his kids up from school and drops them off at his parents house everyday and thats the extent of his "taking care of his kids"....what should I do??

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parental rights
by: Anonymous

If you can take the kids dad to court for full custody having proof that they do not stay with him thats an option. As far as giving up your rights no that will not stop child support payments. Giving up your rights for an adoption will terminate your child support. Child support will not be dropped till the adoption is completed.

by: Anonymous

I wouldnt give up parental rights but I would reccomend seeing what could be done to get custody of the child. I am in a similar situation I should listen to my own advice...

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