Getting The Past Child Support Owed

by Vickie

My husband and I were divorced in 1981. We have two children together. The oldest was 4 years old and the youngest was 2 years old at the time. He was ordered to pay $365 a month through the court to me. He only paid one child support payment the whole time, of which the court has records of this. I was having to work two jobs just to try to keep food on the table for my kids, while he had a high paying job as a computer programmer. He saw our kids maybe once or twice a year, though I would have let him see them whenever he wanted since he is their dad.

I never wanted to pursue the child support matter too strongly because I wanted my kids to have a father and was afraid that he wouldn't want anything to do with them if I pursued the child support very hard. Now I'm realizing I should have because he still doesn't care if he ever sees them. Plus I was never able to get ahead in life because I never had time to pursue any kind of higher education because of working at least two jobs all the time. I was wondering if it was possible to still get him to pay the back child support some how. Any type of help and information would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your help,

Vickie S.

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by: Kacey Wood

If he was court ordered to pay child support then yes. Most likely they will go all the way back to that date. He has no leg to stand on because he made no payments except one and he would need to show proof he paid to prove his innocence. Do what you have to do nicely to atleast start recieving money.

You can get an attorney or paralegal to file a withhold of income basing off his child support court order. They will withhold from his employer, that is the easiest. You may not even have to go to court for that, but if that works out but later he quits so he does not have to pay follow through take him to court. Eventually you will get through and get some help for your kids financially.Good Luck

Go After Father!
by: Anonymous

My father was ordered to pay $150/mo in child support for his three children(from 1962 to 1982 - YES - 1962!). He blew off over 61% of his payments - even AFTER being taken to court 4 times AND being found guilty of contempt/jailed (for 2 whole hours). Now that was back in the days when the courts simply didn't helpt enforce these orders.

Once child support term ended (1982), my mother thought she had no ability to go after him as we were all adults by then. However, after 2004, (in CALIF), legislation was passed that put some serious weight behind going after deadbeats. There is NO statute of limitations (meaning he could be brought to court ANY TIME, no matter how long after support ends.

I helped my mom take my father to court to enforce payment of arrears + interest totalling $96,000.00 (it really adds up :) We WON!

The courts found in our favor and we now garnish payments of $750/mo directly from his income.

Feel free to email me if you have questions...

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