Getting the child support I'm owed for my child

(Dubuque, IA)

I've had an order for child support in place for 5 1/2 years now. I have received a few payments over the years, but never regularly and almost never full payments. My ex-husband only is ordered to pay $285 per month. In the whole year of 2010, I received $186. So not even one full month's payment in 12 months. The only reason I got what I did was spending months hunting down his employment information, which I provided to Child Support, and then he quit his job after his paychecks were deducted. This has been the cycle. Once he is "found" he quits the job.

His license has been sanctioned, and he simply tells me he doesn't care and is happy to drive without a license. At one point, I asked he be taken up on contempt charges. He called and said he would pay $5 a month, and the charges were dropped. He never did make that $5 payment. He bought a house and put it in his girlfriends name so my attorney couldn't put a lien on it. He knows exactly how to cheat the system. I have offered to forgive all current and past support in exchange for him allowing my husband (who raises and supports the child in question) to adopt my daughter, but he refuses even though he only chooses to see her once or twice a year. He lives just one hour away. So he uses his visitation rights to manipulate me, refuses to pay support and cheats the system, makes my life and my daughter's life miserable, threatens me and my family, and yet I'm told nothing can be done?

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non custodial parents always find ways to not to pay
by: Anonymous

Rhode Island child support serv are a joke,I'm a custodial parent and being a male doesn't help.Always keep up on info and paperwork helps,never depend on the state to help.States are cutting back on funding for these services and handing our cases to different case workers every month.I am owed over $8.000 and I know I'll never see a dime!!!!!

getting child support....
by: Sonya

I suggest going to custody court. Filing contempt of court charges against your ex, requesting in your motion to have your ex arrested/jail for non payment. Also contact your district attorney to see if they can help. Make cure that the domestic relations office in your area has been filing interceptions on his federal income tax., also have them place a lien against your ex in the local court house, and have you ex's late child support payments reported to collection breaus. Also contact your state's attorney general's office, and your state's secretary of public welfare. There is sooooo much you can do..... it's just YOU have to do it!!!!!!

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