Getting Supervised Visitation Changed

by Jennifer Boyd
(Canton, OH)

When my husband and I got divorced 4 years ago I had made some very poor choices in my life and regretfully they are still haunting me today. The court gave me supervised visitation. My mother is the supervisor. I have made changes in my life to the better, no one, not even my ex husband can deny.

My mother is getting older and doesn't have the energy to go do things as much as she used to and I would like to take my children place's like fishing and so forth but I can't without her. How can I get this supervision lifted. I don't have a lot of money, I attend school part time and work part time but the majority of my paycheck goes to child support so I cannot afford a lawyer.

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Child Support
by: Child Support America Team Member

Dear Jennifer,

Thank you for sharing and for being so honest. Congratulations for doing a great job and staying on the right path and for being there for your children.

Contact family court and ask if there is something you can do. There is also Legal Aid. Have you contacted Legal Aid to see if you may qualify?


Legal Aid
by: Anonymous

Yes I have contacted legal aid but they are never taking on new cases.

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