Getting Rich Off Child Support

by Shanna
(Savannah, Ga)

My fiance was previously paying $700 a month for his 11 year old son. The mother is unemployed and is receiving section 8 housing along with many other government support programs. She also has 3 other children. On a recent court hearing, my fiance was order to start paying $1100. I feel like the State of Georgia is taking advantage of him. The State is allowing this women to remain a sorry parent. I feel like he is taking care of the whole household and then some. The only reason I can think of as to why he has to shell out so much money is because the other 3 children's fathers aren't paying anything and the State wants to make my fiance pay for it. It's not fair and I would love any advice for this situation. We are being sucked dry, literally.

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We Agree
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hello Shanna,

Thank you for your post. Your fiance must really have a great income to be paying $1100 for one child. Some low income households could almost live off that amount.

We agree that the system is over charging certain non-custodial parents for child support. Our question is why did the judge order this amount? did his income drastically change? You can comment back by responding to this post.


by: Shanna

I believe it was his usual update hearing, nothing special. His income is the same. He makes around 3,000 a month, again nothing special. He has bills and another child, a nine year old daughter that only gets around $200 a month for child support. The reason why she only gets that amount is because the mother works. But isn't that crazy? My income covers for the amount he is losing towards this woman but still, it's the principle. I asked my fiance if the boy looks presentable when he does get to see him, which is rare, and he says no. What is she spending the money on? Hate to sound stereotypical but, hair, nails, and her clothes sound about right.

by: Child Support America Team Member

We applaud your fiance for taking care of his responsibility. He should look into establishing some sort of court ordered visitation if the child is in the same state. The mother doesn't have the right to hold the child from him.


Do your homework!
by: Anonymous

I live in Columbus, Ga. and I know exactly what you mean. A little advice, do your homework. Your child is 11, discretely find out as much information you can. Who are the fathers of these other children, where do they work, how much do they make, Are they in jail. even if they have other children. GA is always on the mother's side. No matter what is going on in there life it will only go on the father's income and they will not adjust it for any reason until the 3 year bench mark.

Look at some of these assistance plans if you are payiny $1100 dollars a month find out what iht income requirements for section 8 are for her number in her houshold. Does she have a man living with her? if so she can get kicked out. there are many ways to get arround stuff. DO YOUR HOMEWORK. It may not lower your childsupport depending on your income. in the long run but it will keep her from getting over on the system. Especially if she has lied about anything. If that doesn't work look at getting joint custody. I don't know the living situation but the child may need to see how to be sucessful without getting over on the system.

Someone Please Help !
by: Bree

My boyfriend of 8 years had a one night stand with some woman and the woman schemed him into having sex and lied to him by telling him she was on the pill. At the time my boyfriend was very emotionally unstable and this con-artist seen that and took advantage of him. After she had the kid the psycho threatened him that if he did not marry her she would take him to court. Well she took him to court for the absolute maximum amount of money she was allowed which was $500.00 a month. Well my boyfried only made $1000.00 a month so they were actually charging him 1/2 of his salary when pennsylvania law states that its suppose to 25% of the person salary.

Over the last 8 yeras he has given over $40,000.00 for child support and he stopped paying a few months back b/c he lost his job abd couldn't afford it anymore. Well, this week the cops came to our apartment and arrested him and now he's in jail with $2500 bail. The woman that has ruined his life makes $50,000.00 a year, travels to lavish places like Hawaii and Aruba while he now sits in jail. He told the court that he was unemployed and it just goes in one ear out the other. He cannot afford a lawyer to represnt him. I was wondering if anyone can help me. A Great Injustice Has Been Done To Him. PLEASE HELP !

The end is near
by: Anonymous

These women are getting pregnant and using the child support system as a quick money making tool. they are in compliance with each other. the Child support system is the Devil, and the women on it are the devil's worshipers. Instead of uniting families they broke them apart. forcing non-custodial parents to pretty make have to sale their ass in order to put food on the table.

kids don"t need a boat load of money to be happy, they need the love and support of both parents. women always point the finger at the father, but don't realize their the ones hurting their children. if daddy's never around maybe it's because he has to work 2 and maybe even 3 jobs to keep a roof over his head. while mommy is receiving welfare and reaping the benefits of being the custodial parent.

I've been on child support since 2008 and my life has changed for the worse. sometimes i even think of committing suicide because i have no life!! I am a slave to the Child support system, and by the time I'm done paying support, I 'll probably be old and finish. Thank you Anneris(babies Mother)and the Child support system for taking my life, my soul, a son from his mother, a brother from his siblings. you got what you wanted. lets see who's gonna pay for your support when I'm gone. I've had it!

Lord help Us
by: Anonymous

No one will ever do anything about this matter that's destroying our country. The land of the free?? I sure Don't feel free! I'm a slave to the corrupt child support system, and feel like just jumping off a bridge sometimes. Women are getting away with murder literally!!!! and no one is doing anything to stop them. why? because it's all a business! the courts, the Css, and these woman are all in it together. they got there own little organize crime scheme. As god is my witness all you evil doers are gonna pay hard! just like i'm paying hard now and barely have money to eat, you will pay for this. i wish you a slow and painful death.

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