Getting My Fathers Rights In Ohio

by Dan M
(mt vernon ohio)

I have a son with my ex of three years. he was born in Jan of 2010. i work 25 to 30 hours a week making lil over min wage. Her situation is the same. she lives with her parents and i live with my father. he has 4 other children in the house so we help each other out. i watch kids on my time off and he give me a place to live. the problem is that when i dont have cash on hand or want to start our realtionship back up she refuses to give me time with my child. i call and check up on him on a regular basis and all she wants to do is fight about when im going to bring her money.

She uses this as her way to keep my son away from me. She tells me i dont deserve to be around him. All i want is to be able to see him i want to able to keep him over night with me. thats another thing she wont let me do. she'll say i can have him for the night ill get him then she call at 11 at night and say she changed her mind and wants me to bring him home to her. i dont know what to do i dont have alot of money but i want to know my son. what can i do?

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Child Support Questions
by: Child Support America Staff

Dear Dan,

We hear stories like this all the time and it is sad. It is sad when the children are used as pawns. You must obtain a court ordered visitation agreement. She will no longer be able to do this. She will be in contempt of court if she does not comply when you have this order. I see that money is an issue. Contact legal Aid in your area to see if they can help.

Also is there a child support case opened?


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