Getting Drivers License Back Due To Child Support

by jeff
(ely nv)

I have had my wages garnished for years while employed and my federal income tax returns have been kept each year as payment on my arrears. I live in rural Nevada and transportation is a must. How can I get my drivers license back.

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Unconstitutional Child support
by: Anonymous

Go and take a good look at 18 U.S.C Sec 1981 thru 1991 and maybe more,But it states it is against the law to persecute or force someone to pay a debt, and it pertains to government officials doing this as well Child Support is the "MARK OF THE BEAST" 42 U.S.C sec 666. Go to any Walmart store in the sporting goods section and on the wall is a government document about being behind on child support and not being able to buy a hunting and fishing license. We cannot travel we are forced to do jobs we do not want to do for the sake of a disgrudled spouse as well as the true deadbeats which is the lazy bums from title IV sec D child support.

For every dollar they spend they get back 2 dollars. I wish I got that kind of return on my money. That does nothing but create corruption. My children were stuck in a hell hole while I had every dollar I made to pay for her and her boyfriends drinking habits. I,m still paying, I am in the arrears on mine as of now by almost 40,000 due to a heart attack in 2000 and I was dismissed from my present job in June because of high blood pressure. I am short winded 10 minutes into any task I do. Indianas CPS is a joke.

I was labled a disgrudled ex husband, and I only talked to CPS 2 times. When they finally checked into it is when my youngest son at the time was found walking down US 31 a major hwy at 1:00 am in the morning. I was working and the kids were in her custody given by the court. They still said she was a fit parent. By the way they found her in a bar with the man she was having an affair with in direct violaton of her probation because she had just gotten busted with a DUI, by the way her boyfriend has had over 6 DWI,s. I don,t know how he keeps getting his license back, maybe its because he used to work for the city as a fireman.

Child support is a touchy subject. I can honestly say this for a fact. It does not take the amount of money awarded to raise a child. I would love to see a married couple take these same figures and tell me how they would feel if they had to spend a certain amount on each of their children making only 40,000 a year. What it boils down to is the no fault divorce. Its first enception was RUSSIA, that right folks, good old fashion communism. It does not take 1/2 what I make to raise 3 boys. If its a no fault divorce, why is it that 89% of the time the man gets stuck with the bills. Its a touchy subject with me, and the most unconstitutional alienation on children their is. But let it keep going because the original agenda will come out, and they will invade and control every person in the USA with it. Remember 42USC sec666. Welcome to "HELL"

by: Anonymous

I have raised 6 children. One of which I assumed responsibility for w/out court interference. four girls, two boys. After my divorce, I was granted full physical custody of my two oldest daughters. One of which is now attending Ohio state university.

I never receive a dime of child support of even birthday cards for the girls for eleven years. I had a brief relationship w/a lady I met while she visited in Ohio. She had a baby girl who has since been adopted, leaving me with a $26,000.00 child support arrearage that took me 4 years, to find out about. No name on the B/cert.

No DNA test, and no proof of service. All she gave them was my name. This I swear is all true.
I've have $15,000.00 of income tax taken, and no drivers license, for years. Not to mention two trips from Ohio to CA. to fight this case without any success. Where the hell is the justice in that. I live in Nevada now and I am desperately in need of some legal help.....signed. Hopeless

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