Getting child support when mother is on SSI

by Jay

Back in 2002 I received an email from Children's services stating that I was named a possible biological father for a 2 year old girl. I took the DNA test and found out she was mine and decided to go for full custody. A year and a half later and 25 trips from Georgia to Ohio, the state of Ohio awarded me custody finally.

The biological mother stuck my daughter's hand in boiling hot water when she was a year and half old and had to have skin graphing taken off of her back to repair her hand. All the mother received as punishment, 5 years probation which is a slap on the hand, if I would have done that, I would be in jail for 30 years to life. Can't tell me the court system and the government is sexist because it is.

It is now 2011, 8 years of custody and not a penny in child support and I am owed over 11k in back child support and current child support. The state just gives me the run around and because she is on some kind of SSI, the state does nothing but if I lose my job for any reason, the state has no problem taking my money off the table for my son I pay child support for. I have 3 kids that I support and take care of and pay child support to my son that I hardly ever get to see. So if I miss a payment, I get threatening letters from Child support that they'll put a freeze on my bank accounts, suspend my license (which makes no sense), and put a lien on anything valuable.

I went to an administrative hearing in Georgia and they told me that if I lose my job I better sell everything I own including the clothes on my back to pay that support order. So I have paid 18k for child support and I am not supposed to recieve anything, how is that fair. I have a family to take care of as well. My daughter has suffered and gone without because I have to take care of my obligations while my daughters mother gets to sit on her butt on not do anything.

The funny thing is, I pay child support and she get's by with it and my taxes that I pay, pay for her to live and sit on her butt because she has never held down a job in her life. So because she is on SSI of some kind, the state told me she is still obligated to pay but they will not enforce it. I have signed 2 papers for felony child support and for some reason when I call to get an update, they never recieved it and then they send another one and it happens all over again.

I have just as much right to recieve child support just like anyone else and my daughter deserves that. So in my house, me and my fiancee' have 4 kids between us, I pay child support for one child and we don't recieve nothing for 3 kids.

So how am I supposed to give what my child needs if I don't recieve any assistance, I pay my dues and because of that, I have suffered as well. I have lost job after job because I was a single father and the jobs in america don't care if your kids get sick. It's either miss work or risk your child getting sick or children services stepping in because I didn't miss work.

So what options do I have? Don't pay child support and go to jail, lose my license, and they take my tax return because I can't hardly afford to live and support this family when I am due child support. In the time I have had custody, I have lost everything I have owned 3 times because of the lack of support while my taxes I pay, let her live and get a check to help her out, that is just wrong. I don't mind paying child support but with the economy and the job market, it's kinda hard to live and so I have to go to living and be labeled poor and low income. My son's mother that I pay child support to has a 5 bedroom house, has a good job because she was able to go to college with the help of family taking care of my son, and my child support has a nice SUV and is remodeling her nice home.

What do me and my kids have....I am unemployed because I was laid off from work, which I didn't make hardly any money because child support took 50% of my income because I was only part time. It wasn't hard to work there because my fiancee' worked there as well and we only have one car. I don't even own a car and haven't for almost a year.

I just don't understand why it is so hard for me to get child support for my child, which is court ordered. "Disability" or not, she still needs to help financially as well because my daughter deserves it. Don't we all by the constitution have the right to live life in the pursuit of happiness. I would have to find a job that pays $20.00 an hour or more just so that me and my family can have a decent life but instead we do without because she is on SSI and they won't even put me on welfare guessed it, she is on SSI and because of that, they can't get child support from her. Kinda of a double standard wouldn't you say.

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by: Anonymous

Possibly you should not have acquired custody of your son if you were not willing to support him yourself. If the mother is on SSI how in the world so you expect her to pay child support out of a 500 dollar check each month? If she is on SSI then apparently she needs it. People surely do not get rich from SSI. I have raised 3 children without child support from my ex husband, while my current husband paid his child support every week without fail.

We are raising two grandchildren with no support from their parents and I never asked for anything. I believed that if I were willing to take on the responsibility of raising these children, I would do it on my own. As I see it, you are greedy. If you don't want to support him then give him away. If you do want to raise him than stop being greedy and JUST DO IT!

by: Anonymous


go for it
by: Anonymous

i think the first a-hole should shut the hell up! GRR i am the wife of what u are going through.. my husband was awarded full custody of his now diagnosed mentally disabled daughter and the mother was only ordered to pay 50 dollars a month.

The order was set a year and a half ago and we have only recieved two payments and they were not even close to being the 50 dollar a month payment, she is now getting ssi and it is INFURIATING because when it was shared parenting the state was raping him to pay the child support and we were the one with the baby all the time but yet no one does anything to make the woman pay its absolute BULLCRAP!

by: Tommy

I'm very sorry for you. I hope things work out. Good luck.

In Ohio
by: Anonymous

In the state of Ohio if one parent recieves SSI because of injury, disability or mental illness, the children of that parent are also entitled to SSI. Because the parent receiving SSI is more than likely unable to support themselves the child is eligible to receive SSI.

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