Getting Child Support Recovery To Stop Helping

by Joleen Vento
(Waukee, IA USA)

My ex continues to request the Iowa CSR unit to review his child support obligation every 2 years. I have to continuously have my attorney appeal this recommendation and the judge has always found in my favor and my ex is ordered to pay my attorney fees. In the past the CSR unit has recommended $100 a month for 2 children and this time they are recommending my ex pay $20 a month for 2 children.

The issue here is that my ex isn't disabled and has full capacity to earn even the minimum wage. How do I get an injunction against the state of Iowa's Child Support Recovery Unit to stop helping him be a dead beat dad. He is now $9700 behind in child support. He is getting $40 a month from his first ex, I know I should have seen the signs before I even married him. He is married and claiming he made absolutely nothing last year. Can someone tell me if this has ever been done before and how do I go about starting the process?

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Child Support
by: Child Support America Team Member

Dear Joleen,

We have never heard of a situation such as yours before. It is within those guidelines that he can request for a modification every 24 months. It does vary from state to state. It does seem unfair how the system works at times. Have you talked to your attorney concerning other options?


Child Support Recovery Issues
by: Joleen

Thank you for your response. I have talked to my attorney and I keep getting told that I have to continue taking him to court yearly to make him pay. But, I don't have money to spend on this or money to spend every time I have to use my attorney to fight the child support recovery's decision.

The latest one I received has CSR recommending he pay $20 a month and have no responsibility for medical or dental coverage on my kids. All because he is a drunk and refuses to get a job. Last week my kids went to his house and they went to see a movie and my ex ended up using the corner of the movie theater for a toilet in front of my kids. It is just very frustrating. I honestly don't know where to go or what to do.

The source of your own doing
by: Anonymous

it sounds like you just want money.What you are getting is enough because you still must take care of them.why not cancel the csr order and allow the father to raise his children just like you? think if he failed he would be arrested for neglect or something bad.....I know you would rather waste your time and money chasing $100 or less, Money isnt everything and the kids are not just yours. GROW UP

find a hobby
by: Anonymous

Seems like she may be leaving some details out like how much her salary is. Child support is based on both parents income not just the fathers. If she didn't take him to court every year she could use that money for the kids.It sounds like the father is trying to pay but she is just greedy.She said he is remarried? Maybe she is jealous. In this economy everyone is struggling and jobs are hard to find. I agree with the other comment GROW UP!

dead beat dads are everywhere
by: Anonymous

To the person that said she should just drop the case, that is a bunch of nonsense. Why should a man get by with not helping take care of his children. Yes they may be getting provided for, but who knows what kind of help she is getting from the state, or other family. It is un fair to the children.

My ex is $18,000 behind and though csr of Iowa has him in contempt. If he manages to pay even $100 out of three months then thats good enough for the judge and csr. Well my husband now is the one providing and it would be nice to have the chid support so my kids can have savings for the future. For things like the braces they are going to need soon and college.

The only way I have gotten anywhere with csr is to call every week and find out what is going on. Then things can sometimes start happening. The other problem is that about once or twice a year cases get handed to different workers. The state wouldn't have to spend money on csr if these dead beats would just love and care for the kids and provide.

I'm tired of hearing excuses, if me and my husband can hold a job and take care of the kids then the fathers can too. My husband works 60 to 70 hours a week to provide for kids that are not even his, I wish he could just adopt them, but the dead beat dad doesn't want to sign his rights over. So if he wants his rights then I think he should have to pay!!!!!

CSR is a joke!!
by: Anonymous

Do not feel alone! CSR has done the samething to me for 2 years. It took them over a year to establish the child support order and in 4 months they were going to allow him to file a modification due to he QUIT his job once his employer received the child support order. I was able to get the modiciation order suspended for 3 months and he now has filed for another one. He is working under the table and is being paid cash while he can drive in a fancy new car and I struggle to take care of my child. CSR is not an advocate for the children they are an adovate for the deadbeat fathers. Hang in there!!

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