Getting Child Support In Name Of Deceased

by Brian

A friend of ours passed away over three years ago and we adopted her two kids. We keep getting child support checks, in our friends name, for the kids we adopted.

We obviously don't try to cash the checks. We have called many times to try to get them to stop sending these checks or if the kids are suppose to still get the support to have the check made out in our or the kids name. I am not sure, but I actually figured that the state would just keep the child support since we get adoption assistance.

So we have stacks of uncashed checks. Our kids get upset every time we get new ones and we can't get the state to stop sending them or correct the name.

Any ideas? We adopted the kids in California and now live in Colorado.

thank you


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What You Can Do
by: Child Support America Team Member

Dear Brian,

Thank you for your question. You definitely need to contact an attorney. You also actually may be entitled to these checks. In some cases they will not address checks to minors and actually endorse them to the payees in certain situations. You are the payee. An attorney will get to the bottom of this mystery quickly. Have you consulted an attorney for a free consultation?


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