Getting Child Support From Japan

by Akiyo Sugiyama
(Nagoya ,Japan)

My daughter and I live in Japan while my ex lives in Bahrain as a pilot although he is America citizen. My daughter who is 6 years old now was born in Dubai at an American hospital. She has an American passport which my ex husband owns it now.

My daughter probably has a social security number which I asked for when we were still married but I was living in my country, Japan. He does not want to tell me this number at present.

He said he would send some child support with the sum of 600 dollars at least each month but failed to do this up to now. My daughter and I are struggling our life. I can only work part time as my girl is still so young. So I definitely need some child support but my ex does not do anything about it even though I sent him many emails asking for it. I have his passport number and I would like to know if that could help force him to pay child support.Please help us. Thank you. Akiyo Sugiyama, Japan

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Child Support
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hello Akiyo Sugiyama,

If your country has a child support division then you should try opening a case there. If not you should contact the American Embassy and inform them of what is going on and they may be able to assist you farther. Do you have any contact information about the father?


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