Getting Child Support From Husband Who Left Country

by Leena
(Union City, CA, US)

My ex(divorce was done in his absence. He abandoned the children and I in 2003. He has been living and working in India. He is remarried and has another child but I don't' know his current address or contact. His parents live in California and I hear that he sometimes visits them. Since we could not confirm his income when he left the Child Support was kept "pending" by the judge. He also cleaned out the bank accounts before he left and I have a court order that says he owes me "half" of what was in the bank accounts when he left. How so I enforce that judgment? How do I get him to pay for Child Support in future and past? He has not had any communication with the children in the last 6+ years. How do I file for Termination of parental rights?

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What You Can Do
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hi Leena,

Thanks for your post and we are sorry for your situation. Interstate cases are one thing, but it can really get complicated when the non-custodial parent leaves the country.

At this point, you will need to consult with an attorney about this matter. Check out our VIP membership program if you need help in this area.

Also, why hasn't seen the kids in over six years, and how long has he lived in India?


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