Getting Child Support From A Us Citizen

by Irene Argones
(Burgos St. Barrio Barretto, Subic Philippines)

I am from the Philippines and i have a daughter from this guy name Steven William Sweeney.. Our daughter will be turning 3 year old on the 7th of November..Her father don't give a child support..He did before like 3 or 4 times but now he is no longer give a child support for our daughter..So how can i make him give a child support for our daughter? He is from Silver Spring, Maryland..He signed the birth-certificate of my daughter but he lied about his real name and his age..He put Steven Gilbert Sweeney! He supposed to put his real name on the birth-certificate of my daughter..And i don't know why he did lie about his real name..Will u help me on this? Please do help me on this.. Thank you!!!

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U.S. Citizen
by: Child Support America Team Member

Dear Irene,

You can look online and get the information for Maryland child support and ask them what you can do. Have you contacted a local office in your country and asked these questions?


how do i get a child support from a US citizen?
by: Irene

Thanks for the comment...No, i havent contacted them yet..And i will do that soon...

asking same question but diff. situation
by: Anonymous

i just want to ask same i get child support too?
but my situation is diff.
My daughter's father is He put He's real name
and He living in Houston.
We have healthy relationship. but just one day after we fight
He just call and saying that He dont love me anymore.
and he Closed my ATM and credit card now its already 1 year he didn't give support to my daughter and he change his email address that why i cant contact him.

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