Getting Child Support And Back Arrears Modified

by Chris
(Gurnee, IL, USA)

I have a son who is now 9 years old, with my ex-wife. We divorced in MD in 2005, I started paying child support immediately. At the time I was paying $666 a month, for one child. Also at the time I was in the USAF, the next year in 2006 I separated from the military and moved to the state of IL.

I paid what I could until I literally didn't have a dime for myself. I finally got some part time, work and paid what I could a couple of times. However I couldn't pay the $666 a month. Eventually I had to stop making payments.

Fast Forward a year, started a new job, new wife, new daughter. I started paying child support again. However by this time the State of IL had become involved. They saw that the $666 a month was FAR over the maximum that the State of IL can collect from an individual for one child. So they stepped in and opened a case in IL for me, with a new amount, that nearly cut the MD amount in half.

The State of MD this whole time has operated under the idea that I haven't been paying the full amount. So every month, even though I pay the amount that the State of IL requires me to pay, I continue building arrears in the State of MD. So there's now nearly $20K in arrears. My federal and state tax returns are intercepted, which I don't mind at all honestly.

But now the State of MD just double tapped my employer. I already have a direct withdrawal coming out to pay child support to the State of IL, now I just received notice from my employer that they received a court order from the State of MD to pay more than double what I'm already paying. So now roughly 60% of my weekly income is being sent to child support, for two garnishments that are going to the same child support account in MD.

I've twice filed requests for modification of child support in the State of MD, and both times the requests were denied.

What can I do? My wife is frantic, because my weekly income just got halved, and we're expecting another child by the holidays. I'm honestly at my wits end.

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