Getting back child support due to special needs child

by Ayn Downey
(Carbondale Illinois)

I have a daughter with special needs (LD) and we hae had child support orders from the days before the divorce but most was taken by public aid and then I got off of public aid more than 10 years ago and pursued the child support on my own with lawyers from different legal firms that took the case with no charge No longer available to help me. I am now trying to get child support arrears for child care and special education money that I have spent out and medical care coverage.

This medical care coverage was supposed to be provided for from his employment but he claimed he did not have jobs that had insurance. Nothing was enforced, I have had to cover all of the cost that was not covered on medical card I am now pro se and looking for cases that will strengthen what I am asking the judge for. I have also submitted petition for post maturity support for non-minor attending college. We have a court date set for February: he hired attorney who said I will never get the funds through a QDRO for back child support I say that I will. I need help in researching how to present this issue to judge help please Illinois

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