Getting A Noncustodial Parent Served Who Is Hiding

by Michelle

I have filed for child support and according to them, they have been out to the non custodial parent's house 5 times and a Hispanic female answers the door and states that he doesn't live there. Yet the house and car in the drive way are both registered to him. She claims she does not even know him. When she was asked for her name she had to think about it and then provided them with a name of Marie. Child support then went to his mother’s house, which is his last known address and she tells the processor that he moved to New York. He doesn't live in New York; he lives here in Orlando, Fl. How can I get him served? I do not know much about his life as I don’t see or talk to him. His mother has informed me in the past that he is on unemployment so I do not think he is working.

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What A Terrible Shame!
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hi Michelle,

Are you saying there is no child support order yet, or are you trying to serve him with contempt papers? Please let us know.



get him served
by: crystal

I have child support im trying to get him served so I can move my case to where I live an motion for modfcation ..its been 1 year already nothing has got done girl mfriend says don't live there'''''IM A MAD MOM HE IS A DEADBEAT HE DOESNT SEE R TALK TO HIS SON I WANT HIM SERVE!!!!!!

Fed Up!

What can be done if the processor can't get the non custodial parent served at his home in the state of Alabama?

Sounds to me like the process server is not trying hard enough. Find a local and preferably recommended process server in the non-custodial parent's county.

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