Garnishing Ex Husband's Wages From Divorce Child Support Order

by Tamu
(Wilmington, DE)

My ex-husband was required to pay $600.00 a month child support since 2004. He lives in Georgia and I live in Delaware. He is not consistent in paying and recently has not paid any support since April 2010. He gets our daughters for the summer so I do not expect him to pay for the months of June, July and August. He does not honor the visitation schedule but since he gets them for the summer, I am ok with that. He gets to see them when he wants and he pays the support when he wants.

My water was recently turned off and I had to borrow money to get it turned back on. I have not been back to court to ask for an increase/modification or anything. I just want him to pay the $600.00 a month that was ordered in the divorce decree. If his wages are garnished, I won't have to keep running to the bank to check to see if he put money in nor do I have to call, text or email him when the money is not in the account. I run the risk of him not getting the children at all but at least I will have the financial support needed to help raise our daughters.

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by: ROY


Do I work?
by: Anonymous

Do you think, in this society, anyone can live off of $600.00 a month? Yes Roy, I do work and always have. Does that negate the responsibility and obligation of the other parent? Are you one of those bitter people who have had your wages garnished because of your failure to support who you helped to bring into this world? Honestly, your time and mine can be spent doing something more productive than this. Have a blessed and prosperous day.

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