Frustrated mother of two with no child support

by Cherry Smith
(Canton, OH )

I am a single mother of two for 12 years now. I had just got divorced from the father of my two children back in 2004. As one of the arrangements we decided to do joint custody. He was never one to really hold a job, so i figured the kids would remember more of his time than his money since they wouldn't see that anyhow.

Everything with kids suppose to be splint down the middle as far as time, holidays, vacation, clothes, food, and etc.. Well since we had the order he never implemented his part, the lawyer that i had do the divorced told me that if i wanted to take him back to court to get the order modified that it would cost me. Will for a single mother with only one income that seemed like a lot to do.

I still had to provide for these two children without the help of their father so paying extra money to get nothing really isn't very realistic to me. Over the years i have managed to go through LPN school, work, and is currently working on my RN without any financial or physical support from him.

Most of the time i manage but is this really fair that he gets to live with another woman and their son and help that family while my children get nothing but maybe the occasional i will do what i can which usually doesn't happen. Or to feel like am inconvenience him when i ask him to do something he isn't going to do anyhow.

I recently ask him if he can get his kids to school the two days out of the week and every other weekend that i have to be at work because there is no one else that can help me at the moment and i would think he would be concerned with the safety of his children and would be happy to help, well like always he wasn't and in fact had the nerve to ask me if i filed income tax because he needs some money.

I know. This is a man that have never gave me a dime for his children and i guess since i needed to get the kids to school and pick them up he feels entitled to some money. So my question is, how do i go about getting a child support order started without having to pay a lot out of pocket expenses.

Even if i never see a dime its time for him to take some kind of responsibility for his children by way of helping out or through the form of consequences. There is really not a great relationship with him and his kids due to his absent its just time for a change in their life and mines.

I have been more than fair throughout the years and its time to get child support involved because threats doesn't make things change. PLEASE HELP ME, AM DOING THE BEST I CAN BY MYSELF BUT ITS TIME FOR A CHANGE.

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