Frustrated About Child Support Situation In Illinos

by Marc Serna

I am a very frustrated ex-husband with two beautiful girls. I understand Illinos has one of the oldest set of laws in all of the United States... My questions is, when is this going to change? After 8 years of seperation/divorce this lady is still so hateful and spiteful. She can hurt me or the kids at any time she wants, uses them as pawns for things she wants. Illinois still dont believe in shared parenting. This state also does not believe that her income, no matter how much she makes or the fact that she is re-married should have anything to do in the modification of child support!

She should be accountable for half of what our children need also. I alone did not make these children but feel that the state only cares about my income and I believe that is unfair. Please if anyone out there could give me info on how to help change these laws and what direction I need to turn to to get things moving please respond back to this...Illinois is in dyer need for a new fresh change in the child support system!

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Child Support Questions

Hello Marc,

Thank you for sharing your situation. We understand that it can be frustrating. You should write a letter to your local congressman AND to the governor of your state. In some states the attorney general is over the child support system as well. Even if you do not see results, you can make a difference and it is important to voice your opinions and concerns. We wish you well!


Dads get brutalized by Iowa laws
by: Anonymous

Iowa has the very financially punitive laws in regard to fathers income for determining child support and alimony, as it seems does Nebraska. Men should run as fast and far away from Iowa as they can if they are considering marriage! My fiance' has been brutalized by his ex-wife and the Iowa legal system and lost everything he had. The court assigned child support and alimony so high that her life style has been virtually uninterrupted.

She did leave him because she she "didn't feel loved" and couldn't live with him any longer because of that. She uses the child support to pay off her adult children's debts! That is straight from the adult children's mouths. She will inherit at least $800,000.00 as soon as her very elderly and ill parenets die, but we will be paying her alimony until she is 62! A true horror story!! I am amazed in this day and age that men haven't done more to protect their rights and not become the victims that this legal system makes them. Men of Iowa wake up and change the laws, get your heads out of the sand! Shame on you for letting this go on for so long, it takes two to have a bad marriage.
Mother of 2 sons in TX

Wisconsins bad also
by: Anonymous

Wisconsin is bad also.
It a deliberate act of the state to make NCP's fall into arrears because they receive Federal money for every dollar that they can get a NCP to pay for child support...= overstated child support= windfall for CP (maintenence in disguise as child support)

Percentage of NCP's income (cp's not considered)

No cap on child support so high income payers royally get the shaft, and the CP gets a windfall bonus that the new BF and her new kids can enjoy.

If you have had overtime in the past
Child support will use income not earned yet to set amount (overtime, bonuses ect) so when your company no longer has over time you will fall in arrears and get the lovely label of deadbeat at no fault of your own.
If a NCP loses a job it will take them 6 months to get a review, even when you finally get to court they can use your "earning capability" and still go into arrears.(But yet prisoners will get their amount lowered to 50.00 a month when incarcerated)

If a CP asks for a review to increase support, they get in with in a month or two.

NCP pays all taxes on child support

CP get's all the tax breaks

Not to mention if you marry or even just cohabit with a child support payer and you all of a sudden lose your job, you will not receive any help from the state because they count all of the child support payers income (even though 60% can be gone for child support, and 25% gone to taxes) so just because you live or marry them, your child will suffer.

But yet the NCP does not have to count child
support as income to get state help.

When you separate you are by default restricted to only seeing your child every other weekend, a Wednesday, and every other holiday.

Even if somehow after paying overstated amounts in child support you can afford a attorney, it won't matter and you will still be out more money.

And yes i agree there are men that try to escape paying child support. But for the NCP that has always kept a job they are doomed because they will eventually fall in arrears.

by: Marc

So sad to know that more men in different states are suffering. Illinois has the oldest child support laws in the country and a couple months ago a Support group tried to change the laws but the judge would not budge. It seems that the men get the "shaft" in all of this. I recently took my ex back to court because work was so bad that I was living on my unemployment seeking jobs with no luck.

She was getting half of my unemployment which is 225$ a week and I paid for private schooling for one of my children which left me practically homeless. I cant tell you how upset she was when I went to court to get my support modified. She felt it was personal but I love my kids and do want to support them but living on 200$ a week is impossible.

She started to bad mouth me and tell my kids that I am a deadbeat and that I am worthless. I didnt do that to hurt her or my children. I am working now and even though I have a court order to pay 100$ a week I am paying her 225$ because I know 100$ a week is not enough to help with the kids. The constant BS I deal with is unbearable and what she tells my kids and puts them through is horrible.

I give more than I should and it is never enough. Even when I only paid her 100$ a week I would drive my kids to and from school to their activites etc. After 9 years you would think that the hate and bitterness she felt would GO AWAY...especally now because she is remarried!!! My youngest daughter is 13 this year and I cant wait till I no longer have to deal with that women!!! Good luck to all the men out there.

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