Frustrated About 22,000 In Back Child Support Arrears

by Carlee

I have been divorced for 6 years. I have 2 children: now 12 and 9. We lived together, and divorced in Wisconsin. He then moved to Illinois, and now he lives in New York. Many, many issues going on here, but I will focus on the financial aspects (mostly). When he lived in Wisconsin and Illinois, I had fair success with income withholding orders to collect the support (wage garnishing). He has gone through many, many jobs in the past 6 years, with periods of voluntary unemployment (he wasn't being treated "fairly," someone was making more money than him, etc.). Now that he lives in New York, I have had NO success collecting support from him. He has been employed regularly - but clearly with a friend or a dead beat dad sympathizer. My Wisconsin case worker has sent withholding orders, etc. to his employer with no success. The employer has ignorantly cited false "New York laws." My case worker transferred my order to New York for enforcement over three months ago. It was confirmed received by them, and they would "send a transmittal" when they sent through the withholding order to the employer (this was 2 months ago). That was the last that was heard. Am I to assume nothing has happened in the past two months? No paperwork has been sent to his employer? Ridiculous. They know his name, address, phone number, employment information, etc. etc. Nothing. How can this be? So, his balance in arrears is now $22,000. That is a TON of money to be "out." For the record, I am a public school teacher, and will graduate with a master's degree in a month (in other words: independent, hard-working but raising 2 kids on a teacher's salary which was never the plan).

As a sidenote -- He has not seen the kids (his doing) in almost 2 years. He has been living in "crazy world" with his new wife and girlfriend for most of that time. It has been 9 months since his last phone call or contact of any kind. Deadbeat is a kind term for him.

But I still come back to -- How can this be?? How can he be RIGHT THERE and no one is holding him accountable?? It's ridiculous and frustrating beyond words. Any advice?

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Your Situation
by: Child Support America Team Member

Dear Carlee,

Thank you for expressing your situation and frustration. We hear stories such as yours all the time where it seems like people slip through the cracks and get away with the unthinkable. Remember that there are consequences for non payment of support. Just to name a few, License revocations, liens on bank accounts or cars, property, no passports will be issued, income tax offset. Especially with the tax offsets, the IRS is real good about that. Has his income taxes ever been offset? Has a lien ever been issued on his bank accounts or personal property?


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