Fraudulent Claim About Income Leads To Child Support Arrearages

by JP
(Marietta, GA USA)

I am now living in Georgia: 55y.o. Father of 2 teens girls in Oregon and currently unemployed due to business failure in this economy and just had my Drivers License suspended for non-payment of fraudulently created Child Support Arrearages.

Upon Divorce in 2000, adulterous ex-wife claimed

I made $1,000,000/year! No Kidding!
I was actually between careers and unemployed at the time, but that DID NOT MATTER TO THE Female Family Court Judge! She slammed me with $1,700/month Child Support...and It took 10 months to reduce it to $13/month as my ex was making over $75,000/year at that time and even more now while I was bringing in $0/month! So they say I OWED $17,000 based on 10 months of non-payment of $1,700 and now it has grown to $25,000 with interest! She has not 'allowed' me to see my girls in over 4 years, and I have not been able to pay the current $298/month for the last 18 months.

Argument to ask for a Modification: Currently unemployed, can ask to join Fatherhood Employment Training, and since I was self-employed and have no unemployment benefits, can ask for SSI???

Argument NOT to ask for Modification: $298/month is only 15% of $2,000/month - ie The Current Total Child Support for 2 kids in Oregon.

The recommended minimum % in Georgia is 23% of NCP Gross which can be IMPUTED to be $2,400/month!...that would be $15/hour X 160 hours/month..hard to get nowadays )

The Range could then be from $552 (23%) to $672 (28%) if the Judge here in Georgia wants to INCREASE MY OBLIGATION! And he/she can also ADD an amount to apply to arrearages!

SOOOO....I want to NOT ASK for a Modification...BUT I DO WANT TO ASK for a temporarily LOWEST AMOUNT I HAVE TO PAY TO GET MY LICENSE BACK! :-D

As soon as I get another job I will start paying the $298/month again.

Can you help me negotiate with DCSS or should I just start sending $298/month now???

The 'Manager' said send $1000 and they would think about it!



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Child Support & Visitation Are Not The Same
by: Child Support America Team Member


Thanks for your post and we have entered you into our monthly contest for a possible free VIP membership.

We also wanted to share with you that child support and visitation are not the same. Just because a NCP is not paying child support doesent mean that they can't see their kids. Please refer to our visitation and fathers rights pages on this subject.

Also, we don't deal with DCSS at all. Thanks again for your post.


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