Fraud Regarding Non Paid Child Support Working Under The Table Job

by Susan
(North Royalton, OH, USA)

My ex-husband is supposed to pay a very low amount ($300) am month for my 2 children and has not paid since 8/09 because he says he doesn't have a job. I know for a fact he has made some money getting paid "under the table" and also lives in an $800/month apt that he has been paying every month. Other than taking him to court for back child support, can I file criminal charges for fraud? I desperately need that money and he is a scam artist. He finds money to do what he wants to do, but not any for my children. He also has his motorcycle in his garage, but has both his car and his motorcycle titled in his friends' names - isn't this illegal?

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Sorry For All Your Troubles
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hi Susan,

We do understand that your situation is very frustrating and upsetting. We receive posts like this all the time, and each one is just as disheartening as the next.

Unfortunately, what your ex husband is doing is not illegal. He is finding loop-holes in the system. The only thing you can do is to keep taking him to court for contempt of non-payment of support.

How many times have you taken him to court in the past?


Hey Lady..Maybe YOU are the problem!
by: Anonymous

You said "MY CHILDREN".
They are children with TWO PARENTS!
They are just as much HIS CHILDREN.
Maybe you should think of what YOU HAVE DONE to make HIM FEEL that YOU DO NOT DESERVE RECEIVING ANY MONEY!
Do you use the money for yourself or do you use 100% if it for THE CHILDREN???

Deadbeat Dad
by: Anonymous

It is the first time I am taking him to court. And to respond to the comment about "what I've done to my ex to make him feel I don't DESERVE the money"
1. he agreed to the amount
2. it is court ordered.
3. $300 a month for TWO KIDS is hardly enough to keep the children fed, much less me using it to go to the Bahamas, pal.

Whether my ex thinks I "deserve" it or not, he agreed to it and is NOT living up to his agreement. FYI, he did pay a small amount of back child support since I first wrote this, probably because I threatened to go to the food stamp people stating fraud. Whatever the case, I was grateful to at least get a little of the money owed.

To the response "Hey Lady"
by: Anonymous

FYI, Mister, the $300 is $100 for child support and $200 spousal alimony - all done through CSEA -we had a dissolution and my ex was the "self imposed "attorney" that handled all the paperwork, so:
1. I do "deserve" the portion that is for me; I was a great wife and mother and went through A LOT of my money in the marriage because he didn't work most of the time and
2. Whether YOU or HE thinks I don't deserve the money is irrelevant - it was COURT ORDERED, HE AGREED TO THE ARRANGEMENTS and he has to LEGALLY LIVE UP TO his AGREEMENT. Of course, he never lived up to his responsibilities when I was married to him, so why should it be any different now? Hopefully he'll learn in time its easier to do the RIGHT thing than to try to SCAM the system - life is tough enough w/o having to try to buck the system all the time, don't you think?

by: Anonymous

Great respones to the imbecile that thinks you have done something to deserve him not paying what the court has ordered. After paying a small amount for one year I think my ex spouse is now doing the same thing. He does heating and A/C stays drunk and stoned and he is probably now working under the table. I am gonna skin this rat if it costs me money!!!!

To the "Hey Lady Guy"
by: Anonymous

I am a grandmother and my daughter has two children and they have a father. Yes they belong to the father and the mother. So what is a deadbeat dad doing working under the table not paying support claiming he doesn't make any money.

When he comes to get the children, he shows a wad of 100 dollar bills so you see he is deceiving the court and he is going back to court (maybe 5th time) This time he is behind over $8000. Have it on film THIS TIME.

He is trying to play big stud but big stud has been caught When he uses that worn out excuse he makes no money, he is going to have to explain that wad of money he shows to be big shot. I think the law needs to be changed to absolutely visiting the children has EVERYTHING to do with supporting them OR ELSE the men are taking advantage of the system and time and again we read the court does nothing while the mother is worn to the bone with supporting them alone.

This should not be so. The guy who wrote that "hey lady" probably is a deadbeat as takes one to know one right? I am for this mother. You did nothing wrong. Nail him.

Respond to "hey lady"
by: Anonymous

Just so we are clear, you are probably a dead beat sperm doner and that is why you think the way you think. If she has her children then she deserves the money. She is paying to keep a roof over their head, clothes on their back, and food in their stomach.. NOT TO MENTION the the money she spends for the kids to have a happy childhood by giving them toys, allowance, bikes, rollerblades, movies, even a small weekend vacation going camping.. Because those childhood memories are very important to how a child will grow. ALSO... While the men don't pay a penny and get away with it... If we stopped paying for their food clothes home (WHICH IS OUR CHILD SUPPORT) we would no longer have our children because cps would take them and maybe even take the women to jail. So does she deserve it? Yes SHE TAKES CARE OF THEM. You pretty much asked "did you do anything for him to think YOUR CHILDREN don't deserve that money"

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