Forgiving Child Support Arrears In Maryland

I have a 9 year old with someone who supposedly has an opportunity to play professional sports overseas. I myself just want to be over with this whole thing. The problem is he owes $4000 in child support so his passport is suspended. How do i forgive the arrearages and how long will it take? We are on a time limit.

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by: Child Support America Team Member

You will need to contact your caseworker ASAP and see the proper procedures. If you are in need of expediting the case then your child's father may need to hire an attorney and explain the situation so that you can get a court date faster. When you go through your Child Support office trying to waive back support it will take longer to go through the process. Have you ever waived any of the back support in the past?


Parental Alienation
by: Anonymous

If a parent willfully takes a child and alienate them from the other parent without their consent, then years later the missing parent finds the child and the physical custody parent files for child support to include arrears can the arrears be waived?

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