Forgiveness Of Back Child Support In California

by Daniel Sands VIP Member

I have questions regarding my case. My daughter is being adopted by the custodial parent and the adoption is about final. The custodial parent and I have spoken about how to handle the back support arrears, he has decided that the does not want any of the arrears owed to him as back child support. I have two types of arrears in this case, one is with the state and one is not. I know one can not be forgiven but on the other one I have heard of an action called forgiveness of back arrears, can you help me out on this? I do not know who to contact or what forms should I/The other parent use in order to get this straight and if we need to show this to the court or the child support office. Just know that The custodial parent is doing this because he is fine financially and from now on we want to deal with this as a family. If there is someone else I can contact in order to resolve this, please let me know, and I really appreciate your help in this matter.

Daniel Sands
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Child Support Questions
by: CSA Staff

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your question and sharing your situation. You are correct, in the arrears owed to the state there can be no forgiveness. However if the custodial parent is willing to forgive the arrears it is a process that they are going to have to pursue. Meaning, the custodial parent willing to forgive the back support will need to contact the county child support office where the case is and request the necessary paperwork. Another quicker option will be to do this in court. If you and the other party are in front of a judge, it can be ordered immediately. You can call your family court and possibly file the motion yourself, (only paying the court filing fees) to go to court to modify child support AND get the back support adjusted. You mentioned something pertaining to court in your question. Do you have any type of court dated scheduled? Also are you comfortable with the current monthly obligation amount?

CSA Staff

child support
by: Anonymous

I have question about my kid non custodial father for not paying child support. Last year of October 2010 ask me a favor to forgive or give him $1000 credit. So I did that I forgave him because understand he's unemployed. Now this month February 2011 asking me if can do this again. I feel like that he's taking advantage. What should I do this time? My choice not to do it this time.

forgiving back child support
by: Anonymous

My question is in regards to back child support. My ex owes a huge amount of back arrears with interest. My children are grown. I am going to calculate the child support due and try to waive the interest. The problem is, I am in another state and cannot appear in court in California. Can this be handled differently with just the proper forms?

Thank you,

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